Money with dating online
How to make more than $1000 monthly with only 20 hours of work a week !

Learn how to make a dating site with me !

It’s been a while since I wanted to create a dating site but I am a bad developer I don’t have the skills to make a beautiful site which could compete with Meetic or

So i decided to build an affiliate website with Prelinker and in a few clicks i was able to create my dating site and take advantage of the client database of 35 million members around the world.

First Step

Go to the affiliate interface to create your first dating website.

Your affiliation space offers statistics on your subscribers, put in place tracker on your links to identify which are most active, marketing tools such as embeds registration forms, dynamic tools and kits emailing, banners, RSS and XML tools.. well all the ressources you need to promote your site and make money.

To create your dating website just click « add a site » and choose a subdomain name. Before doing this I highly recommend you create a niche site and not something too much mainstream, Do something more specific like a dating site about sports, local, political, etc..

You can quickly customize the template of the site, the colors and add a custom logo.

Thanks to you, thousands of men and women will find their half! Nice but we can do more, make money in the same time!

Your site will be free of charge for girls and boys will have to pay for access to all features, you will be touching 55% on subscriptions which is :

  • 1 month subscription $29
  • 3 months subscription $60
  • 6 months subscription $91

You have to know that if you don’t buy a domain name your dating site will have a url like: and you will not attract a lot of users.

How to drive visitors to your site?

Buy Webhosting and domain name

Buy a small hosting + domain name like at 1and1 or elsewhere. Work layout of your page with promotional tools provided by Prelinker and improve your SEO.

Add a lot of text content and try to speak about your website and leave link to your URL.

Do advertising

You can promote your site with paid search. For my part I opted for a ads campaig on Facebook Ads, Instagram ads and Google Adwords.

Improve your page in before paying to advertise, create multiple campaigns with multiple ads in and identify the most efficient and pause the others.

Create Social Networks

Create a page on Facebook and invite all your friends (This technique works well when you have more than 3 friends) to join the page 😉

Have fun, make money and give us some feedback!

For information site AlloCougar generated more than 50 000 registrations in a short time by being the first niche on the Cougar. And they did their website with Prelinker !